Islands Around Phuket

The Thai word for island is normally written ‘Koh’ but is pronounced closer to ‘Gaw’. Apart from the main island, Phuket province includes 39 smaller islands and islets covering a total of 70sq km. There are many more islands within easy boating distance in Phang Nga and Krabi provinces. There are so many islands that it would take months to fully explore them all. There are many beautiful beaches some of which are totally deserted. You can also find superb snorkeling and diving sites comparable to the best in the world.

Booking tours can be fraught with pitfalls, usually we get asked to sort it out especially if the bus fails to turn up, after years of dealing with the tour booth mess we decided to find out which tours were the best, you the public supplied that information, we eliminated all the half tours and scams, contry to belief the cost of running a boat does not go down in low season, low prices mean low quality tours all an allusion, there is no 3-000 Baht tour for 1-000 Baht, the 3-100 Baht tours we give to you at cost to us and that is 2-200 Baht, big hotel tack  another 1-000 Baht on top of retail, we save you 2-000 baht, this means you get your room free, the 1-000 Baht tours we get for 700 Baht but we don’t touch them, why for many reasons, the boats are overcrowded and smaller and lack safety standards, the tours are shorter the boats sit at one place to save fuel the boats are over loaded with less free board, you won’t find that information on a tourist brochure,and if a wind squall comes up they often sink, this has happened dozens of times, you see less, the brochure might look the same but it not the boat is different, a scam,the tour booth you booked through is not there in the morning to make sure the bus turns up, we get asked many times where is our bus, I have to reply I don’t know you booked it, usually they say they don’t answer the phone, funny about that we do warn them, we are there early in the morning to make sure what we book goes smooth.

Booking tours on the web you pay full retail and weather has to be a consideration, tours are just one phone call to a reputable company and they own their own bus, that’s a bonus as others use any bus company and not contactable,best to wait until you get here, we have folders full of the best, we are not chasing or living off commissions, we sell you a room only, we get you the tours that past guest have highly recommended at cost only to us it saves you and us a headache.

For an excellent guide to the islands visit this website

Booking forms are a pain, make contact with us direct email,  type of room and dates you might want, the email we send back has all the information you need to book a room.

Kellys hotels great selling point is our service second to none, on check in we hand you all the information need to make your holiday successful,you cannot get off a plane and know what took us years to learn we give it to you for free, money savings on tours, and the best priced quality room in patong.

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