Kelly’s tour desk

At Kelly’s Hotel we offer a fully featured tour desk where you can book everything you want to do here from the comfort of your room or whilst sipping a nice cold drink from the pool bar.

By letting us guide you in these matters you can actually save enough money by avoiding commissions from tour operators that your stay at Kelly’s could work out free. That’s right, by staying with us you can actually get so many discounts on things to do here like show tickets, excursions charges that you show a net profit on your accommodation costs.

This is because every single tour desk you see is charging an outrageous amount of commission on what you pay, it’s how they make their money. We can save you mountains of cash by booing you onto tours, trips and into shows direct.

This is all part of the 10 star service here at Kelly’s.

See our what to do here section fro some ideas.

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